PVC Tape Manufacturers in Uttar Pradesh

We offer the answers for your building and construction projects, whether you require flashing tapes, vapor barrier & seaming tapes, or any high-performance adhesive tape needed for roofing, flooring, or window installation!

Because our PVC Tapes have a long lifespan, our PVC Tapes can withstand heat transfer at any temperature and yet provide consistent performance. We are leading PVC Tape Manufacturers in Uttar Pradesh. Our business offers PVC tapes in a variety of sizes for insulation purposes that are created from premium raw materials.

Being one of the top PVC Tape Manufacturers in Uttar Pradesh, our offer below given features:

• Waterproof tape with a 20–40 mm width made of PVC and a 30 N/cm tensile strength

• Soft polyvinyl chloride (SPVC) is used as the backing material in PVC insulation tapes, which have good insulation properties as well as high voltage and temperature resistance.

• Floor marking tape is offered in a variety of vivid colors.

• Offered in a wide range of lengths as well as widths.

• Tubes and pipes are movable holding components.

• Safety-coding tapes, such as PVC marking tapes, are used to identify potentially dangerous places.

PVC Tape Manufacturers in Uttar Pradesh, produce high-quality tapes. Our manufacturing facility is located in Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh. Moreover, we produce a huge selection of multipurpose tapes. We export our goods to all continents. In our state of Uttar Pradesh, we are one of the top manufacturers of tape.

On the other hand, we shall steadfastly pursue technological research and development, reinforce the force behind sustainable development, and stick to the path of autonomous innovation. In order to deliver satisfying industrial adhesive products to customers, we will also broaden the range of product applications, refine industry products, achieve "professional, special, fine" status through the acquisition of precision equipment, optimize the production environment, and enhance product quality.


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