Electric socket Manufacturers in Himachal Pradesh

The needs for electrical distribution in household and commercial settings are ever-evolving. It is crucial to reduce operating costs while enhancing operational safety, service continuity, and convenience. Custom switchboards and switchgear solutions are the areas of expertise of electrical product makers. We are one of the top Electric socket Manufacturers in Himachal Pradesh. Our switchgear systems' enclosures, which are aluminum-zinc coated plates, offer exceptional corrosion resistance.

In Una, we are the renowned Electric socket Manufacturers in Himachal Pradesh, India, our company is one of the renowned suppliers and manufacturers of a broad assortment of electric Sockets. High-quality materials are used in the development of the products we offer. These sockets are a favored option for the engineering and automotive industries because of their superior electrical conductivity and wear & tear durability.

Power is provided to facilities and work projects by electrical equipment. Building electrical systems can be installed using electrical items and power management supplies. When fixing electrical systems, wires, fittings, and switches are required. Electrical components can be made using pushbuttons, circuit breakers, and other electrical parts. Wire and cable are organized, routed, and safeguarded by conduit and strut channels. When there is no access to wired electricity, a portable power supply keeps job sites operational.

On the other hand, our Engineers at Una created a special ring-shaped spring to address the issue of power socket burnouts, which happens regularly. This ring-shaped spring is a component of our electric sockets and keeps consistent pressure on the brass contact tubes. This pressure tightly clamps the plug pins, creating a solid spark-free contact that prevents overheating and the ensuing burnouts. This innovation and advanced features of our electric sockets have earned us the top position among Electric socket Manufacturers in Himachal Pradesh.

Moreover, Child-safe outlets are part of the CUBE Series. To reduce the risk of electric shocks, safety shutters have been installed to prevent any unintentional contact with live components.


2 Core

3 Core

Round Multi Core



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