PVC Tape Manufacturers in Punjab

To form a solid, long-lasting bond, PVC insulating tape can be used both inside and outside. PVC tape is a polyvinyl chloride film that is flexible and covered with a superior-tack, specifically designed adhesive. It is frequently used to make airtight seals on PVC fitting covers or to seal PVC jacketing's overlapping joints. We are leading PVC Tape Manufacturers in Punjab. Our PVC tape offers good weather resistance, flame retardancy, pressure resistance, and insulation. View the many widths of PVC insulation tape that Distribution International offers below!

In addition to producing various kinds of PVC electrical tape, high-pressure rubber self-adhesive tape, insulation black tape, ground wire identification tape, clear waterproof tape, and other goods, we have a company that specializes in these areas. There are almost 20 different product categories. It is extensively employed in the high-end technological sectors of transportation, electronics, electrical appliances, environmental protection, power, and communication.

We are the prominent name in the market of PVC Tape Manufacturers in Punjab. Our company serves more than 800 counties and cities through its more than 20 marketing centers. Exports of goods are made to Southeast Asia, Africa, Europe, and other nations. Our PVC adhesive tape is now a well-known brand both domestically and abroad.

On the other hand, FR PVC Tape, PVC Electrical Insulation Tape, Self Adhesive PVC Insulation Tape, and many other items are offered by us, a company situated in Ludhiana, Punjab. Due to our characteristics, dependability, and affordable costs, our products are well-known in the market of PVC Tape Manufacturers in Ludhiana, Punjab. Our company's CEO has exceptional leadership qualities that have allowed the business to expand at a steady rate. Our business operates systematically and adheres to morally upright principles. We have been successful in gaining the trust of our clients in a short period thanks to our high-quality products, ethical business practices, prompt shipping, client-centered attitude, etc. Customers can buy from our business at the finest prices in the industry, making it the ideal retailer.


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