Led light Manufacturers in Saharanpur

We are one of the well-known Modular Switches Manufacturers in Saharanpur. Specific Modular switches are made in a variety of configurations, including bell push switches, three-pin switches, power controllers, etc. These particular switches are produced in a variety of tones with exceptional white concealing complements.

Due to the high quality of the electric switches, we are leading Modular Switches Manufacturers in Panchkula, Saharanpur and we also have increased our market share. Our production facility is outfitted with vital tactics and equipment to fulfill product delivery promises. Switches aren't delivered until every component has undergone a rigorous inspection to rule out any faults. We produce customized switches with specifications to fulfill various needs with customer-centric goals. Hence, we are considered the top Modular Switches Manufacturers in Saharanpur.

Applications :

• Even ideal for restaurants or hotel

• Make the switchboard look trendy

• Create comfort in your office or home

• Can be used for showrooms and even hospitals

We are India’s leading Modular Switches Manufacturers in Saharanpur, as our Modular electrical switches combine creativity and affordability. Moreover, we bridge the gap between premium and entry-level products. We provide a variety of components that lessen the visual contrasts between your home design and our products, avoiding the traps of parochial style.

With the majority of the items in our catalog, modular electrical switches that indicate a firm sense of style to your surroundings, we employ standardized and well-tested polycarbonates. The appealing components offered in numerous color options by our modular switches can only preserve the interior's visual appeal. Our customers will have access to a wide variety of switch sizes, switch orientations, indicators, and voltages.

On the other hand, Safety is undoubtedly a top concern, thus we provide burn-proof and microbe-resistant surfaces, spark shields, shutters, and guided rocker plungers with this midmarket range.


2 Core

3 Core

Round Multi Core



MRP Rs.: ₹ 15.00 (incl. of all taxes)