Doorbells Manufacturers in Punjab

We are one of the top Door bells Manufacturers in Punjab, we bring you a wide range of multi-tune doorbells. You can choose from typical ding-dong bells to Sanskrit Mantra or Slocka sound bells as well as the latest wireless MP3 doorbells because we promise a warm welcome always. Below are the doorbell types that we offer:

• Mechanical doorbell

• Traditional doorbell

• Wireless doorbell

• Mechanical doorbell

• Intercom doorbell

• Driveway alarm/doorbell

We are unmistakable most renowned Door bells Manufacturers in Punjab, creed is that quality is never compromised. The variety of button designs made choosing simple. We just evaluate the customer's input, their preferred style, and what they want in a new product, and we translate the projected imagination into the finest. This is how our business approach differentiates us from others. All of these initiatives have elevated the reputation of our company all over India. The R&D procedures are something we prioritize highly. Wireless doorbell

Doorbell electrical safety: Being the most reputed Door bells Manufacturers in Punjab we ensure complete doorbell electrical security. Normally, it is safe to connect to the button and the small-gauge wires that connect it to the bell and electrical device without moving them off the ability. Nevertheless, exercise caution. In limited circumstances where the electrical device has failed, even the low-tension aspect of the electrical system could carry a harmful current, albeit this is rather uncommon. Test the electrical device first to avoid shock. Additionally, you'll use an electrical tester to check the two low-tension terminal screws on the electrical device; if the transformer is working properly, it shouldn't glow.

If the electrical gadget isn't visible, you'll still check its voltage and see if it functions. Remove one wire from the "front" terminal on the bell unit. If the button is believed to be functioning well, have a helper press it; if not, carefully remove the button and connect its two wires with a little low wire nut (just to be safe, don't bite the unoccupied wires at this time).

With a volt-ohm meter at the bell unit that is set for voltage, but one look at the free wire from the "front" terminal, and bit the other look at the terminal that is labeled "trans." Start looking for the electrical gadget if there is no reading.


2 Core

3 Core

Round Multi Core



MRP Rs.: ₹ 15.00 (incl. of all taxes)