Modular Switches Manufacturers in Rajasthan

We are your one-stop shop if you're seeking reputable Modular Switches Manufacturers in Rajasthan. As we are manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters of electrical switches. A list of the top Electrical Switches vendors on the market has been put together by us. To learn more, look through the list of top Electrical Switches below.

On the other hand, we are one of the top Modular Switches Manufacturers in Jaipur, Rajasthan. As we are the blend of sophistication, simplicity, and elegance. Moreover, our switches are creatively created to enhance your walls and last a long time while providing good performance. To provide dependability, top-notch quality, and longevity, the most advanced technology is combined with refined engineering. We offer the greatest modular switches for usage in the home, workplace, and industry, regardless of their performance or design. Our below-given features make us India’s leading Modular Switches Manufacturers in Rajasthan.


• Glossy finish, easy to clean

• Moving contact with silver tip

• Brass screws & terminals

• Fully RoHS-compliant product

• Available in white, copper, silver, golden & jet black color

• Tested up to 1 lakh operations

• Provided with arc shield

• IP20 captive screw terminals

• ISI marked as per IS3854:1997

In addition, Switches from the CUBE Series have contacts that have a very high current carrying capability. Minimum arcing is achieved via the contact design, snap action mechanism, proper contact pressure, wiping action between the contacts, and use of high engineering grade materials. A very long operational life for the switches is guaranteed by a decrease in arcing.

All switches and sockets have enough shrouding for the terminals and current-carrying components. In the event of any overheating, the live sections are prevented from fusing since they are separated by thermoset material. Switches are installed so that a strong bi-material frame is completely responsible for supporting the weight of the wires in the junction box.


2 Core

3 Core

Round Multi Core



MRP Rs.: ₹ 15.00 (incl. of all taxes)