Geysers Manufacturers in Himachal Pradesh

One of the most common household appliances is a water heater, or geyser, which comes in handy during the cold winter months and occasionally during the wet season, especially in Himachal Pradesh. Hence, to choose the ideal geyser for your family, you must have a solid understanding of its technical requirements as well as Geysers Manufacturers in Himachal Pradesh.

We are one of the top Geysers Manufacturers in Himachal Solan, Pradesh. In Himachal Pradesh every household need an electric geyser, thus our business made sure it was outfitted with all safety features. These water heaters are available in a variety of colors, types, and capacities (1, 3, 6, 10, 15, 25, 35, 50, and above 100 liters). These are renowned for their optimal performance, power efficiency, handy design, and longevity. Additionally, we provide these at reasonable costs and they are made from high-quality raw materials.

Our 25-liter Geyser has India's first built-in shock-safe plug that cuts the power in the event of a current leak to protect users from electric shocks. To show the real temperature of the water, it incorporates temperature-safe LED indicators. With its Whirlflow technology, which prevents direct contact between hot and cold water flow, it can provide 20% more hot water while using less energy. Its high-density PUF insulation also offers greater energy savings.

Moreover, our Spin water heater is appropriate for use with pressure pumps and high-rise structures. Thanks to its versatile valve! Its Oncology Glass Coating Heating element provides great resistance to oxidation and carbonization at high temperatures in addition to superior heating performance. Being one of the top Geysers Manufacturers in Himachal Pradesh, we offer the below-given features:

• Devices

• ISI marked heating elements

• One year Warranty

• Available in 15lt. / 25lt

• Elegant body shell

• Rust-proof thermoplastic external body

• Suitable for high-rise multi-story buildings

• Long life, efficient heating element

• Neon indicators for 'power on and 'heating' function

• One year Warranty


2 Core

3 Core

Round Multi Core



MRP Rs.: ₹ 15.00 (incl. of all taxes)