PVC Tape Manufacturers in Rajasthan

To form a solid, long-lasting bond, PVC insulating tape can be used both inside and outside. PVC tape is a polyvinyl chloride film that is flexible and covered with a superior-tack, specifically designed adhesive. It is frequently used to make airtight seals on PVC fitting covers or to seal PVC jacketing's overlapping joints.

We are one of the leading PVC Tape Manufacturers in Barmer, in Rajasthan, as our PVC tape offers good weather resistance, flame retardancy, pressure resistance, and insulation. Moreover, we offer many widths of PVC insulation tape.

In the self-adhesive tape industry, our brand is highly regarded as one the top PVC Tape Manufacturers in Rajasthan. Due to our excellent clarity, high gloss, heavy adhesion to surfaces, wrinkle and shrink resistance, and high tensile strength, our products are well regarded. Customers can make purchases based on their preferred size and length.

Quality assurance :

To ensure the quality of the product, our business has a comprehensive set of quality testing procedures. To guarantee the constancy of raw material quality and obviate the risk of issues with raw material quality affecting product quality, we have devised a series of stringent raw material monitoring procedures. We feel immensely proud in considering ourselves as India’s leading PVC Tape Manufacturers in Rajasthan, because from the purchase of raw materials through the operation and inspection of the production process to the sales of products, we carry out with a professional, committed, conscious, and strict attitude, which will ensure that the products' quality complies with the regulations. Moreover, we have also created a whole management system for quality control. Before manufacture, the first article must be inspected. If a flaw is discovered, the control must not be used, and any unusual handling must be notified. The product name and batch order number are displayed on the production line whenever an anomaly is discovered.


2 Core

3 Core

Round Multi Core



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